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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 4, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following developing news right now. in a new interview president obama says a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff is still possible but not without higher taxes for the wealthy. the president sat down with bloomberg for his first tv interview since the election and the fiscal cliff face off. he reiterated that lying in the sand is higher taxes for the wealthy. he gave republicans some room to maneuver. >> the issue right now that's relevant is the acknowledgment that if we're going to raise revenues that are sufficient to balance with the very tough cuts that we've already made and the further reforms and entitlemented ientitlements i'm prepared to make, we have to
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see the rates on the top 2% go up. we're not getting a deal without it. understand the reason for that. it's not me being stubborn or partisan, it's a matter of math. >> and the gop plan, which was unveiled yesterday, includes $800 bill onin new taxes made through closing loopholes and deductions and not raising rates. compare that to the president's plan and that's about half of what the white house asked for. republicans propose 600 billion in entitlement saving including raising the medicare requirement to 67, nearly twice what the white house called for. the gop plan changes how social security benefits are calculated, something addressed under the president's plan. the president today did open the possibility for further negotiations down the road. >> we're not going to be able to come up with a comprehensive tax reform package that gets it all done just in the next two weeks. we're not going to be able to come up with necessarily a
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comprehensive entitlement reform package in the next two weeks. >> joining me now is congressman adam schiff of california. thank you so much for your time. >> it's a pleasure. >> you heard the president responding again to the proposal from republicans yesterday. what's your gut right now on this? >> my gut is we're going to reach a deal. i don't think we're going over the cliff, but we'll have a hard couple of weeks of negotiating st still ahead of us. i don't envy of position the speaker is, but he has to face the fact his party lost the election and argument. the american people really agree with what the president has proposed. they agreed a balanced approach that includes new revenues as well as new spending cuts and the president proposed something comprehensive to do that. what the speaker has put forward i look at as an opening offer, not much really there except a promise of cuts in the future. i don't think that's going to be enough to give confidence to the public or to the markets.
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we need specifics and i think it's clear we ought to let the upper income tax cuts expire. he we really have. >> you don't envy the position speaker boehner is in. is that an indication you believe he's pulled in multiple directions here? you have some conservative members of his party as well as conservative media outlets putting their heel on his back, if you will, and perhaps even another portion with congressman cole, for example, in the caucus saying, we've got to get this deal done. we're republicans but we're americans first here. >> i think congressman cole demonstrated a lot of bravery with that, but it reflects the attitude of a lot of americans, democrats and republicans alike. this has to be a shared sacrifice, and it has to be a balanced plan. i say i don't envy the speaker because he's always had this problem in governing his own republican conference. there's a hardcore group of people that in his conference that came here to tear down.
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they have never adapted to having to govern. it's extraordinarily difficult to get a majority of his conference to go along with anything. the speaker has to jettison the rule, the majority of the majority rule where he won't take up anything without a majority of the republican conference. he can get something strongly bipartisan, but it may mean having to take on that conservative clique in his conference and say, look, we have responsibility to govern. we have responsibility to do the right thing, and the american people are counting on us and we have to acknowledge the argument we made against any kind of tax increase on upper income families, we've lost that fight and argument. it's time to come together and compromise. >> let me play what senator ron johnson said on cnn just this morning regarding the president and what he says the president is not understanding here. let's play it. >> this president just simply doesn't understand that, and so as a result he punishes success. we put at risk the economic growth that we really need to
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create the jobs, to create the revenue we need. >> you hear some republicans, a senator saying that the president does not somehow get economic growth. a lot of them focusing in on stimulus money the white house wants as a part of this deal. what is your response? you've got polls that indicated the exit polling right after the election that most americans were in support of people who make over $250,000 paying a higher tax. they have confidence in this economy, perhaps the reason that your party saw success in the election. what do you make of this notion that, again, some republicans say the president doesn't get small business or economic growth somehow? >> well, i think the american people roundly rejected that. they think the president gets it. that's why they voted for the president. more than that, economists think the president gets it. this really is a balanced approach, and i don't think any credible economist will tell you we can simply cut our way out of the current deficits and debt. we need new revenues, and where should they come from?
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should they come from a middle class or working families that have really struggled or had setbacks in the last decade, or should it come from families that have done very well and can be asked to do more? if you look at the prosperity we enjoyed during the clinton administration when the tax rates were higher on upper income families, that certainly didn't kill economic growth. we have incredible economic growth during the clinton years. this same, tired argument that we hear time and time again that any kind of tax increase on anyone will hurt the economy, it isn't borne out by history. >> there are analysts that say both of these proposals are essentially for the base, and na in reality both sides know you'll come to the middle. you have johnny isakson who said earlier there's too much posturing going on here. what is your response that in relation the proposal from the white house and the president as well as from speaker boehner and the republicans were just for the base?
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>> they certainly are the opening show of cards, and i don't think it's where either party expects to end at the end of the day. i think we're closer to where the president has proposed than we are to the non-offer from speaker boehner. i think that's reflected in what the american people want to see happen, and i think we'll see a final result much closer to the president's proposal. yes, there is a choreography to this. neither side wants to negotiate against itself, and i think that there was criticism in the last time we were in a fight like this that the white house showed their cards too early. i think the white house strategy is a good one and consistent with what the american people want to see. >> thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> joining me now is mark mckinnon, lois ra maun notice and chris. you point out a lot of posturing if you will and we heard the
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congressman use that very word has been done on tv. you point out rallies, and the parties seem to be communicating through tv and campaign style events rather than face-to-face negotiations. senator conrad was on andrea's show and said maybe they need to go to camp david and get out of the environment to get a deal done here. >> i think that would be a great idea. the co-founder of no labels with me wrote a column in "the daily beast" talking about the leadership principles we need to put in place, which is to tell the truth and no more budgetary gimmicks and govern for the future, which means plans that address growth, opportunity and fairness and put the country first, put partisanship aside and take responsibility and work together. all those things mean let's get in the room together. let's quit the public posturing. let's get down to business. these are too consequenceal as to get the show going now.
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>> i have to ask you, the president could not have been more clear. i point back to the exit polling, and even his first news conference after being re-elected that the line in the sand where tax rates for the wealthiest americans that make over 250,000le, if you can't start at that point when you have congressman cole, a republican, saying this is what must be done and everybody behind the scenes agrees. the first proposal in the republicans has no mention of it, how can the ball ever get rolling, and are they playing even a game of reality? >> well, from a republican point of view, i understand what they're saying. if you want the revenue and if you actually really want to tax the rich, it's not necessarily raising top marginal race. you can talk about the buffett tax and capital gains, there's lots of other ways to get to the revenue. if you want to hit rich, you don't hit them that way. you hit them through capital
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gains. that's where they get most of their money. the good news is we're talking about revenue, and at some point we'll get to a number both sides agree on. there's increemental progress here, but fundamentally i think what we hear from our constituency across the country from people who care more about progress and problem solving is let's get in the room and let's get it done. >> let me bring in. our first read team talks about splitting the difference here. the reality of the deal we will see. the proposals are far apart, but when you split the difference between the two, you get $1.2 trillion in revenue and about 450 to 500 billion in saiflgs to medicare and medicaid. you throw in stimulus, employment insurance and transportation spending as well as cost of living for republicans. it sounds like a serious deal that both sides could live with, though it would look like a win for the white house. is that the end game at least for some republicans to avoid
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that keyword there, a win for the white house? >> well, obviously, it is. i don't think -- i mean, i aagree with the congressman in that i think they already lost the public argument and the optics argument. that's fairly significant. i think there is some posturing going on, but i think the president is taking this out into the field for a reason. the reason is the polls you cited. 53% of the public want up the rich to be taxed. so i think they will end up at about a trillion dollars, but i do not think the white house will cut any deal that doesn't have the top 2% carrying some burden on this. >> the president made that clear in his latest interview about two hours ago. i'll play another portion of the president's interview today where he discusses entitlements. let's play it, please. >> both the speaker of the house and senator mcconnell know that i'm prepared to make some tough decisions on some of these
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issues. i can't ask folks who are, you know, middle class, seniors who are on medicare, young people who are trying to get student loans to go to college, i can't ask them to sacrifice and not ask anything of higher income folks. >> chris, is that the heart of, in your opinion, the whole presentation from the democratic party here? >> i think it's the whole deal. i mean, when you look at the reality of what this deal is going to look like, if there's a deal done at least before the end of the year, i don't see how it gets done unless the republicans are willing to move on rates. the notion that somehow you're going to solve this problem simply by cutting is not mathematically possible. from a political perspective, how does the president go back after he won a clear victory in a very strong election for him in terms of both the exit poll
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showed the american people supporting him, the base clearly came out for him. how does he turn around and say the deal i struck took raising rates off the table but we did entitlement reforms? that doesn't make logical sense. if there's pain on both sides, fine, but that means republicans have to move. what you've seen from republicans is complete unwillingness to budge on rates. until that happens, there won't be a deal. >> a couple of things. first off, i want to read what david brooks said in "the times." republicans have to realize they have to cave on tax rates. the only question is what to get in return. they should demand the year 2013 will be spent putting together a pro-growth and entitlement reform package to put this country on a sound financial footing through 2040. i want to show you what ishg sken boles said. he said while i'm flattered he calls it the bowles plan, it
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does not represent the simpson-boles plpla plan. >> i almost always agree with brooks. i think serious tax reform has to be the next phase. i hope there's a commitment to it. you know, backing up on the revenue and what republicans need to do, i think the approach that republicans are saying is if there's a number, there are ways to get -- a variety of ways to get to the number. we want to get to a number and do it in a way to stimulate the economy and encourage growth. so there's just lots of ways of getting to a number, and it doesn't have to be that top marginal rate. you can do it through closing of loopholes and capital gains and a number of different ways to do it. i understand the president is sort of stuck on the marginal rates. republicans are stuck to get to a number and do it to get the
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income going. >> what is the more fluid approach at this point, mark? >> that's a philosophical argument. >> that's why we have you on. what's your theory? >> well, i think that as i said earlier, you can tax the rich in ways that actually hit them that doesn't do it through marginal rates. i think a combination of all things. i think we can move up the marginal rate from 36 to 37. let's look at capital gains and let's look at carried interest. let's look at a lot of other means that can raise revenue including closing the loopholes. i like the basket of charitial deductions, the capped idea senator corker came out with of $50,000 capped on the deductions. >> lois, i want to bring you in about the political pressure beyond the numbers and i guess the philosophical difference of how to get here. your web paper says that conservative groups rebel against john boehner. i believe it was just the last
11:16 am
battle over the bush tax cuts, the headline was trying to herd cats referring to speaker boehner trying to get his party in line over the battle here. how much pressure is speaker boehner under? does he have real allies at this point, since it seems he's being pulled in multiple directions here? >> speaker boehner is under enormous pressure, and if he needed to have this vote with just his own caucus or conference, he wouldn't be able to get it done. to the vote in the house, i think for every -- i think there's more tom coles there than we know that won't speak up. >> why won't they speak up? are they waiting to see the next round of back and forth? >> well, that could be part of it, but also, they're a little bit concerned about what their constituents are going to say. they don't want their e-mail box bombarded by the heritage foundation. now you see two extreme views. i think you'll end up at the trillion dollar mark, and i think that speaker boehner will
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need a lot of of democrats but i think he'll get them if everybody can come to a plan. he can use his moderates and democrats and get the votes he needs. >> thank you all for your time. great pleasure to have you on the panel. we're following developing news out of syria where dozens of students and a teacher were killed in a mortar attack on a classroom. it comes one day after the president warnedle there will be consequences if president assad deploys chemical weapons. plus, the headline on the huffington post reads, new sheriff in town. it's being called a victory for progressives as elizabeth warren is tapped to serve on the senate banking committee. you can join our conversation. find us @tamronhall and my team @newsnation. [ nyquil bottle ] you know i relieve coughs, sneezing, fevers... [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal congestion. [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion.
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developing news out of syria. this is amateur video. rebels say it shows syrian forces firing rockets at targets in the capital of da mass occur. a mortar slammed into a suburban school killing 29 students and a teacher. the news agency blamed it on rebels. the rebels have made gains in recent weeks. now, this new violence coming amid growing concerns. president asad is preparing to use chemical weapons against his own people. it prompted the certain warning from the president. >> i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those under his command the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally
11:22 am
unacceptable. if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> jim miklaszewski joins us live. nato foreign leaders including secretary of state clinton are in brussels today expressing concerns of what we hear possibly out of syria. >> tamron, here's what triggered the concerns. the rebels are making significant gains on damascus itself, and there are fears within the obama administration that president assad may be on the verge of panicking because he looks like he's becoming desperate. over the past couple of days intelligence sources reported that somebody in the regime had told the chemical weapons corps to be prepared. at the same time there was a flurry of renewed activity at a number of the chemical wep sites in and around the damascus area indicating to u.s. officials that it appeared at least the
11:23 am
syrians were at least preparing to get ready to mix the precursor chemicals that would enable it to weaponize the artillery shells with deadly nerve gas. i can tell you today despite all these warning signs, tamron, u.s. officials are reporting, number one, that there's still no sign that these precursor chemicals have been moved. number two, there has been no sign that any of them have been weaponized, the artillery shells, and three, it looks like at least that people are just in the preparation stage just in case there should be an order to resort to chemical weapons. so far we're far from that according to u.s. officials, tamron. >> what are u.s. officials saying about iran's claim it captured a u.s. drone? >> first of all, the u.s. navy has strongly denied it has lost any of the drones in question.
11:24 am
the scan eagle drones. now, navy officials admit they look at this iranian video and say, that is a scan eagle. quite frankly a scan eagle drone are very common there in the persian gulf. a number of persian gulf countries own them. there's indication that iran stole or purchased under the table a scan eagle drone from one of the gulf state nations. they are insisting this is not a u.s. navy scan eagle drone. that iranian didn't capture a drone and write it off as iranian propoganda. >> up next, where is governor jan brewer? she's been out of state for nearly a week. what some are calling a mysterious work trip. why her own spokesperson says he can't disclose where she is. plus, governors are warnings
11:25 am
that a failure to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff could mean havoc for state economies. they're telling congress to get together and get something done. i'll talk with two governors who met the president just a few hours ago, but first in today's money minute, here's a look at the markets. ♪ ♪ mom? dad? guys? [ engine turns over ] [ engine revs ] ♪ he'll be fine. [ male announcer ] more people are leaving bmw, mercedes and lexus for audi than ever before. take advantage of exceptional values during the season of audi event.
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[ man thinking ] oh, this gas. those antacids aren't working. oh no, not that, not here! [ male announcer ] antacids don't relieve gas. gas-x is designed to relieve gas. gas-x. the gas xperts. there's bait of a missary he surround january broouer. she's been out of state on what her office calling, quote, official business he since sunday, but staff won't say where she is or what she's doing. all the republican's office would confirm is her visit to washington, d.c. or at least the area monday to see a wounded arizona soldier. she's do you back on saturday. we know brewer is considering
11:29 am
her next political move. politico reports she met with billionaire republican fund-raiser sheldon adelson. the speaker strips four house republicans from their committee s seats for not being, quote, team players. what does that mean. the first read team digs into it. we have mark murray up for you. a bipartisan group of govers say the sooner it's resolved the better off the states will be. the two governors will join me, one a republican. there's a new report president obama is considering. vogue editor anna winteror to be the next u.s. ambassador to the uk or france. do you believe that report? it's our gut check. be sure to check out our "news nation" tumblr page. you'll see behind the scene pictures and we got this picture of wynton march sal less yesterday in the house.
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welcome back. our nbc news first read team writes today about house speaker john boehner's, quote, power move. they write four house republicans have been stripped of their committee seats after it was determined by the republican conference that they were not team players. pure and simple, this is a power move by house speaker john boehner and the gop leadership to signal to their members that they are in charge. nbc news senior political editor mark muir pray joins us now. mark, this is all very interesting and intriguing in many ways. but the power move here, was there any doubt that speaker boehner and the leadership were in charge? >> there certainly was some doubt looking back at 2011 and 2012, tamron, where there are a lot of complaints about john boehner not having the reins on the tea party caucus. some of these members that you
11:34 am
just mentioned who were stripped of their committee assignments were so concerned they votes against the ryan budget plan because it wasn't conservative enough. most interesting of all is the timing, tamron. this comes as you know we're locked in these negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff at a time when john boehner is trying to get as much discipline and needing as many team players as possible. so consider this a message that was sent not to just four members but the rest of the republican caucus. >> i want to play another excerpt of the president's interview he conducted a short time ago where he was asked about sitting down and more face-to-face meetings with speaker boehner. let's play it. >> speaker boehner was here at the white house last night for a christmas party. the two of you didn't even speak. what's it going to take to get the two of you in a room to hash this out? >> speaker boehner and i speak frequently, and i think the issue right now. >> when will you sit down in a room? >> i don't think that the issue
11:35 am
right now has to do with sitting in a room. >> mark, is the president right? is the issue -- the visual of them being at the holiday party and giving each other the side eye and not talking is in itself hum humorous, but you do wonder about the dynamics behind the scenes. >> president obama is right in the short term. right now it's the postures pr phase of the entire negotiations, but we're probably going to see the negotiations start in ernest around middle september, close to the christmas holiday season. at that point i wouldn't be surprised if president obama, john boehner, and other key folks are actually locked up somewhere in maybe camp david, maybe at the white house. that's when the big talks will start. not now but in the next couple of weeks. >> back to the power move as it's described by speaker boehner. who are the strongest allies. we've seen paul ryan all but vanish here other than when we put the picture up on the committee and who is on it. who are the allies supporting
11:36 am
speaker boehner that are team players? >> there was a criticism in the suspicion about a year ago that even some of john boehner's top deputies weren't always on board. that came about during the debt ceiling debate of 2011 where there was a lot of suspicion where eric cantor the house majority leader was on the same page with house speaker john boehner. right now as we see it seems like the republican leadership is completely unified, and that does end up bolstering john boehner's ability to make a deal or enforce discipline with the party. >> very interesting. thank you very much. governors who met with the president today warn there will be serious consequences in every state and in the nation if a deal on the so-called fiscal cliff is not reached. >> tho r you have to come together and get it done. this exacts the economy. the uncertainty is creating havoc with our economy and our
11:37 am
states. >> well, the bipartisan delegation of governors wrapped up their meetings at the white house a few hourgz ago a. they plan to meet with republican leaders this afternoon and have made one thing clear. they're not taking sides in this one. >> our focus today was not to endorse a specific plan nor to dismiss a specific plan but rather to point out as gary mentioned as governors we think it's important we have a seat at the table. >> joining us now is two governors that attended that meeting, chairman of the national governors association jack merkel as well as oklahoma's republican governor the group's vice chair. thaw for joining us. governor fallon, i'll start off with you. we heard scott walker in there. why not take a side here? >> well, we have 50 different states. we have governors that have different political philosophies. what we're trying to find is common ground, some collaboration between the national governors association, the governors that we represent
11:38 am
to say this is a very serious issue, the fiscal cliff, the end of the year, the tax cuts that will expire, the budget cuts we're talking about, the federal deficit, the amount of the deficit itself. as governors we try to find common ground issues that we can bring to the president to speaker boehner, to leader reid to talk about and say, we want to grow our economy. we want to create jobs. we understand these are tough decisions that have to be made. we understand there whim be cuts on the federal side. the states will have a shared responsibility with those cuts. we have some specific things that we have suggested to the president. we'll suggest later on today to congress to give them some ideas of ways we think governors can help and also we think it's important that the governors have a seat at the table because ultimately it's the states that will also feel the effect of what happens in washington, d.c. >> you made that point, governor. i'm curious about the line in the sand for the president, and i'm sure he expressed his thoughts on the tax rate for those who make over $250,000.
11:39 am
that revenue is needed. without, i guess, endorsing one plan over the other, where do you stand on that line in the sand? >> well, that's going to be for congress and the president to hash out. these are very tough decisions. as a former member of congress, i remember this last month of december, the last month of the year, and how tough negotiations are. what we're doing is coming together as governors saying, look. here's some things that we think are important principles that you know from the governors. first of all, whatever decisions are made are going to impact the state budgets. we're working our state budgets? january. our sessions start from january to february this upcoming year. it's hard as governors to make decisions about our states and our policies if congress doesn't know what they're going to do. we're concerned about jobs, our economy, our revenue. we're concerned about the nation's future. here's some things. like we'd like to have more flexibility when it comes to the monies that are sent back down to the states.
11:40 am
knowing that there will be federal cuts, give us some flexibility on our state programs. we believe that the states can be laboratories for democracy and for government reform. there's great practices out of states that we believe we can suggest to the president and congress that can be helpful in making tough decisions. >> governor, let me get you in on this. you met with the president and members of congress. is the overall message can you all get along? that sounds great on paper. great when someone says it, but you've watched the clock tick on this important issue facing as we point out american families and your individual states. >> that's certainly part of the message. the fact is if middle class tax rates go up across the country, it's not good for taxpayers and not good for the economies of any of our states. if cuts are made that impact the states, the president made the point today and he's absolutely right. just because you move money off the federal books, that's not
11:41 am
saving anything if the cost is being shifted to the states. so these are the kinds of things that we want to talk about both with the president and with congress really grateful for the opportunity to do both. really, it's important to have a continued seat at the table. >> when you hear people say let's go off the cliff and that may ultimately give the democrats a better position in that you have a different congress, what's your reaction to that? >> two things. first of all, going off the cliff means that middle class taxes are going up, that's not good for anybody. it means that some of the doctors may not get the payments. if it means folks in the defense industry are not getting their paychecks, that's not good for anybody. the other issue critically important has to do with the lack of certainty on the part of the business community. one of the things that we over and over again from people in the business world, let us know what the ground rules are so we can plan to invest, we can plan to hire. as long as it's uncertain, it's less likely they're doing those critically important things.
11:42 am
>> governor, thank you so much for your time. up next, how democrats -- have they found someone to take on mish mcconnell in 2014? look at the screen. there's a new report indicating that actress ashley judd is seriously exploring the idea. it's one of the things we thought you should know. that's quite a face-off. the nypd still searching for a man accused of pushing another man to his death on the subway tracks. former fbi profiler clint mansant will join us to talk about the investigation and the people that were there that took pictures as this all went down. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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11:46 am
platform into the path of an upcoming train. cell phone video shows the two men arguing just before the incident. it unfolded blocks from famous times square. tourists and commuters watched in horror as the victim tried to climb off the tracks as the train approaches. joining me now is former fbi analyst and nbc analyst clint van zandt. thank you for your time. people are talking about this online. i can't stop a person from having a thought on this. first off, you see this argument escalate to the point that this individual pushing this man into the line of fire in front of this train. is it likely these were two strangers arguing here? >> i think that's exactly what we have. you know, the new york city subway system, 5 million people a day, 1.5 billion people a year travel on this. i think we had these two comets that crossed in space, and unfortunately at this point collided resulting in the death of this one man.
11:47 am
>> and clint, i'm just being told actually as we speak that the new york police department announced they have made an arrest in this case. the suspect is in custody right now. someone in connection with this has been picked up here. so, again, police have confirmed that someone is in custody in connection with this subway shoving incident. not confirmed where the person was picked up. a lot of this was caught on videotape. there was even a professional photographer who was nearby who caught the man's last moments as the train was just upon him. what do you make of the reaction that people have this -- i guess to catch it on video, to catch a snapshot on the iphone or whatever? >> yeah. in this story there's going to be the rest of the story, tamron. number one, the question is, the man who actually shoved the victim over the side, did he intend to push him over the side in front of the train, or was he just trying to push him out of the way?
11:48 am
>> there's two newspaper stories today suggesting that the victim had argued with his wife that morning, had been drinking. but then when the victim gets to the subway station, he sees the other guy, the guy who shoved him ranting and raging. the victim goes over and says will you quiet down? that's when the fight took place between the two. so, you know, it looks like terrible, terrible thing happened. each person may have contributed. you and i look at this and you say, of course, it's the fault of the guy who shoved him, but you know, that story is going to have to come out. they had a good picture of him. it was likely they would have found him and picked him up today, the guy who actually shoved the victim in front of the train. >> people also say, of course, i would have done something, reached down to help the guy or run after the person suspected of shoving him. again, you're an fbi profiler and analyst. you've seen people react right and wrong under great stress. >> and you do. it's one of those things,
11:49 am
tamron, where we have to think we're confronted on the street, if someone wants your wallets, if a car cuts in front of you, what do you do? think in advance. like you say, some people panic and some stop and watch. supposedly a photographer does a photographer does. he started taking pictures, where you and i would say throw the camera down, grab that guy and haul him back again. the photographer did what was natural for him, which is what most of us do in a challenging situation like that. >> all right, clint. great pleasure having you on and your insight into this under these awful and unimaginable circumstances. you're great. police have confirmed someone is in custody in connection with this subway incident that resulted in the death of a father and a husband. trayvon martin's family is reacting to a new picture released by george zimmerman's legal defense team. that tops our look at stories around the "news nation" today.
11:50 am
it was taken by a police officer on the scene the nye trayvon was killed. it shows him with a bloody nose. a black and white copy of the same picture was released, but his attorneys say this color version bolstering the claim he was acting in self-defense. an attorney to the martin family says the picture adds nothing tu to the case. the flu season is off to it's earliest start in nearly ten years. according to the centers for disease control, public health officials warn this year's strain of the virus can make people sicker than other strains and are urging the public to get flu shots now. our "news nation" gut check is up next. there is a report out that president obama is considering this woman. she's the editor in chief of "vogue "t" anna winter, he's considering giving her an ambassador job in england or france. do you buy that story? -p
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welcome back. there's a lot going on today, and here's things we just thought you should know. there are several reports that newly elected massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren will be assigned to serve on the senate banking committee. it's seen as a victory for progressives. the panel oversees banking regulations, and warren, of course, is a consumer advocates who are one of the harshest critics of big banks. there's speculation about hillary clinton running for president. "the new york times" reports she was encouraged to enter the 2013 new york city mayor's race instead. according to "the times" it was made by current mayor michael bloomberg during a phone call. secretary clinton said she was not interested. politico reports actress ashley judd is seriously considering a run for 2014 against mitch mcconnell in his home state of kentucky.
11:55 am
mcconnell's office warned he will not go easy on whoever the democratic challenger is but did not reference judd specifically. mitt romney is going back to work at his own job. marriott international has announced romney rejoined the board of directors after resigning two years ago. as for how much romney will earn, s.e.c. showed that directors received a base pay of $60,000 plus $1250 for every meeting they attended. romney has a long-time friendship with the members of marriott family and has served on the board off and on since 1993. all right. time for the "news nation" gut check. bloomberg news is reporting that president obama is considering "vogue" anna wintor to be the next u.s. ambassador to the uk or france. she raised $500,000 for his re-election campaign. she's been at "vogue" for more
11:56 am
than 25 years and they say she's very happy about the current job. the white house was asked about the report and declined comment on it. do you believe the bloomberg report that anna winter is being considered as a possible u.s. ambassador? go to to cast that vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." thank you for joining us. tomorrow we have a nice show for you. pennsylvania congresswoman allyson schwartz and john yarmuth. we'll get their insight. "the cycle" is up next. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. social security are just numbers thinkin a budget.d... well, we worked hard for those benefits.
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